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The Popular Stainless Steel Color Plating Process: Pvd Coating




                                                                                                                What is PVD coating?


                             PVD ( Physical Vapour Deposition) is vacuum deposition method used to produce thin films and color coating on the stainless steel material.


                             1.Environmental Protection

                             2.High wear resistance and film hardness.

                             3.High-temperature resistance.

                             4.Corrosion resistance, UV resistance and aging resistance.


                           What colors are available?

                                   Champagne gold, rose gold, titanium gold, black titanium, sapphire blue, purple, wine red, coffe gold, green ,pink, etc. (We also can develop color according to customer request)



                                                                                                                  How do i clean my PVD stainless steel surface?

                                             PVD maintenance is simple. Just use soft cloth with water to clean. Avoid to use detergent or any chemical may contain acid or alkaline.


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