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What Is An Anti-Scratch Stainless Steel Sheet


What is an Anti-Scratch Stainless Steel Sheet?

  Scratch-resistant sheet is a popular style for stainless steel products these days. Under normal circumstances, decorative stainless steel plates will produce subtle, streaked scratches when contacted by fingernails or even rough towels, which will affect the overall ornamental value.


mirror SS sheet without scratch-resistant finish

  Now after Anti-Scratch surface treatment, even if it is scraped with a knife, it is difficult to leave scratches on the surface.


Product after Anti-Scratch surface treatment

  Most importantly, the Anti-Scratch process can be added to any finish coating without affecting the original customization requirements.

Where is the Anti-Scratch board used?

  The Anti-Scratch sheet is our first food grade stainless steel. So it can be used on cutting boards, kitchen countertops, etc.


  At the same time, the Anti-Scratch board is also very suitable for use in elevators, hotels, bars and other places with large traffic.


The common types of anti-scarTches in our company:


  Anti-Scratch can be added to any finish coating, so we can personalize the decor stainless steel sheet to our customers' needs. Perfect to meet customer needs。

  Sucel Steel has its own factory, so our products are not only guaranteed in terms of quality, speed of delivery, but also at competitive prices. Sucel Steel has many years of export experience, Sucel Steel is perfectly able to consider the needs of customers.

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