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What Is Decor Polished /Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet


  Polished stainless steel sheet is also called mirror stainless steel sheet. Mirror finish metal sheet involves applying a series of abrasive materials to make it with a high-gloss polished surface which provides high reflectivity, such a material can create a sophisticated and luxurious feel to the space of commercial and residential properties.


Decor Polished /Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet 

  According to the mirror effect, common mirror stainless steel plate can be divided in to general grinding (6K), fine grinding (8K), super fine grinding (10k) , etc. 


Gold 8k Polishing Stainless Steel Sheet

  However, most our customers usually purchase 8k polishing stainless steel sheet to meet their decoration purpose, and 10k ss mirror sheets are widely used for elevators.


10k ss mirror sheet use for elevators

  Stainless steel mirror sheet also known as No.8 Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet or 8K mirror sheet. 8 mirror finish stainless steel is by means of polishing liquid through the polishing equipment so as to make the brightness of metal sheet as clear as a mirror finish.Mirror polished stainless steel sheet offers reflective surfaces ideal for reinforcing light and aesthetics in any sites. It is perfect for various modern designs and combined easily with PVD color coating.


Gold PVD Coating SS Sheet

  No 8 mirror finish stainless steel sheet is with highly reflective surface which creates an aesthetically pleasing finish. It becomes a perfect decorative material for architecture, interior & exterior design, elevator and wall cladding decoration. Moreover, 8K mirror finish ss sheet is durable and corrosion-resistant with long life span, which makes it a cost-effective option for various decorative applications.


mirror stainless steel sheet use for building project

   As a decorative stainless steel manufacturer, we are devoted to providing products that combine beauty with functionality so as to help our clients bring innovative visions to life. Our mirror finish metal sheets are good option for interior & exterior designers,architects, and contractors pursuing to infuse spaces with a distinctive and elegant aesthetic.

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