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The Processing And Application Of Stainless Steel Etched Sheet


  Stainless steel etched is surface processing method of making designs or pictures on the stainless steel sheet ,Applying a protective acid resistant film to appointed areas and using strong acid to cut into the upprotected parts of a sheet surface to create a design engraving,the chemical composition of stainless steel is resistant to corrosion, the acid used in the etching process will not affect the metal's properties. it is a economic way to make the designs.


  And throught this way , it could be contrasted with grinding , Super mirror or other finisheds to create thousands of variations textures to achieve the pattern of light and dark, colorful effect. And Color stainless steel etched sheets get color coated from a PVD process or copper color making. The color coating makes the stainless steel surface even more bright and resistant.

10 (2).jpg

Etched decorative stainless steel sheet very common use for elevator industry, So it also call elevator stainless steel sheet. And it is used for a wide variety of architecture metal decoration and industrial applications. Also use in upscale hotel interiors , Elevator cabin doors , dining establishments and retail space e establishment etc .

Etched decorative stainless steel sheet has high strength, and wear resistance, never changes color, is easy to clean, beautiful appearance, and special metallic luster.  it is also an environmentally friendly decorative material, does not contain organic substances such as methanol, has no radiation, is safe and fireproof, etc.


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