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Although the decorative effect of the colored stainless steel decorative plate is good,

Since it is decorative, it is hard to avoid being scratched. If it is not regularly maintained, 

It will be oxidized over a long period of time and the service life will be shortened.

Thus, the maintenance method of color stainless steel decorative plate is very important.

Next, I will introduce some treatment methods for the surface dirt of colored stainless 

Steel decorative plates.


First: avoid the use of washing liquid, steel wire balls, grinding tools, etc.containing bleaching 

Ingredients and abrasives.

In order to avoid residual washing liquid corroding the stainless steel surface, clean water shall 

Be used to wash the surface at the end of washing.


 Second: the stainless steel surface has dust and easily removed dirt, which can be cleaned with

 Neutral detergent, such as scrubbing with alcohol or organic solvent. If there is no anti fingerprint 

 On the board, do not use alcohol or organic solvent to clean it. Only use a soft cloth dipped in water

 To clean it.

Third: the grease and lubricating oil on the surface of stainless steel shall be cleaned with neutral detergent 

 Or special detergent after being wiped with soft cloth.

 Fourth: the surface of stainless steel is attached with bleach and various acids. After washing with water 

 Immediately, soak it with ammonia solution or carbonated soda solution, and then wash it with neutral 

 Detergent or warm water.

 Fifth: the rainbow pattern on the surface of stainless steel is caused by excessive use of detergent or oil.

 It can be washed with warm water or neutral detergent when washing. Finally, special attention should 

 Be paid to never wipe the surface of stainless steel with sharp or rough objects, such as cleaning balls, 

 Which will easily scratch the surface of stainless steel and affect its beauty.

 As long as you keep these 5 points in mind, the maintenance of the colored stainless 

 Steel decorative panel will be very easy!

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