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2022 SUCEL Embossed Pattered Stainless Steel Style


Embossed stainless steel sheets are applied with concave-convex patterns on the surface of the steel plate, 

which is used where smoothness and ornamental are required. 

Embossed Patterned Stainless Steel Sheet.jpg

Embossing is rolled with a patterned work roll, which is usually combined with PVD plating and mirror technology.


The main materials are 201, 202, 304, 316 and other stainless steel plates. 

General specifications and dimensions: 1219*2438mm, 1219*3048mm; It can be customized any length; The thickness is 0.3mm~2.0mm.


For the style, the most common is water ripple style, water drop style, honeycomb, 5WL, 6WL , checkered, diamond, etc.


If you are interested in it, please check our Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet Catalogue.

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