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Dalian Sales Building Project

Project name: Dalian Sales Building

Project location: Dalian, Liaoning Province

Metal contractor: Foshan Sucel Steel Co.,Ltd



 The whole style is modern and classical, creativity and model coexist, improve the quality of life and create your charm.

     2.1 金色屏风.jpg

【Golden screen】

Screens are generally displayed in prominent positions in the room, playing the role of separation, beautification, wind protection, 

coordination, etc. It and classical furniture complement each other and become an integral part of Chinese home decoration, presenting 

a kind of beauty of harmony and tranquility.



Ancient beauty and fragrance are precious and unique. They complement each other and are integrated.

 5.1 展示台.jpg


                                                   6.2 Water Ripple Desk.jpg                                              

   The water is blue. When there is no wind, the water looks like a bright mirror. When the wind blows the water in the reservoir, it ripples layer by layer. Stainless steel is used to reflect more beautiful decoration

    7.1展示架.jpg7.3 Show Shelf.jpg

    【Display stand】

"Modern European style" means "Neoclassicism style". The modern European style design is from simple to complex, from 

the whole to the part, and it is meticulously carved.


9.1 样板房衣柜.jpg

【Wardrobe in model room】



11.1 浴室门.jpg


    【Bathroom door】

11.2 浴室.jpg11.3.jpg

【About us】

Foshan Sucelsteel Co., Ltd. is a professional company that produces, customizes, and exports 

stainless steel sheetstainless steel trim which located in Foshan, Guangdong, one of the largest 

stainless steel production sites in China. It can provide the most fron tend information on the 

stainless steel market. We have more than 15 years of experience in stainless steel production 

and a professional engineering design team composed of more than 30 people. The concept

of "good reputation and future" serves the public, home improvement, design, construction, 

and other industries to provide high end customized stainless steel services, to provide design

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