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2021 The New Fashion Decorative Retro Stainless Steel Sheet


The retro plate is also called the antique copper stainless steel plate. 

It is obtained from the old and retro treatment of the stainless steel through a special processing technology on the stainless steel plate substrate.

It is a more popular decoration material at present. my country has a splendid bronze culture.

With the progress of the times, bronze has slowly withdrawn from the stage of history. 

However, in modern times, the simplicity and elegance of bronze, the retro nostalgia, and the high-end atmosphere are more and more popular.


Sucelsteel's latest retro art board, the same color system, 

Gorgeous colors, different styles, unique natural patterns, achieves a clever effect in visual aesthetics and art, 

Neutralizes the cost of materials, and the cost of production and processing is much lower than that of copper.

Therefore, the processed products have a greater price competitive advantage, and the same effect can be achieved with less cost. 

It is the latest type of stainless steel sheet and has become a "rising star" in the stainless steel market.


Material and craftsmanship of retro stainless steel plate:

For Ss 304 and 316L, 304 material is usually used to make retro stainless steel plates. 

At present, the main process is mainly through chemical rusting, adding a color to the chemical reaction,

And the pattern and color made during the whole process are very natural.

Retro stainless steel can bring a retro, heavy and simple atmosphere, which is very high-grade and rich in culture. 

Therefore, it is widely used in copper doors, copper decorations, copper carvings, retro furniture copper accessories, 

Four treasures of the study, antiques, and copper crafts. , Copper handles, reliefs, showcases, curtain walls, sculptures and many other areas of decoration.


Regarding products and services, Sucelsteel can not only provide you with corrugated sheets, 

But also make finished products according to your needs. 

Feel free to contact us for more information.


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