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Our Company's Products Shine at BIG5 Dubai Exhibition


First of all, our exhibition this perfect end, a lot of decor stainless steel products, are liked by visitors.



  The first is stainless steel profile. We are not only a company but also a factory, with a number of complete processing lines, so we can customize various shapes of stainless steel trim(profile,channnel) according to customer needs, so as to ensure the integrity of engineering design.



  Our antique stainless steel sheet(copper stainless steel sheet) also made a splash at the show. One of the most popular is this patina



In the same way, we support the customization of antique stainless steel sheet in color and size, so that the choice of customers is full of diversity to meet the needs of customers for engineering design.

To our surprise, our company's stainless steel mesh was also loved by visitors. For a long time, many people think that a factory that makes stainless steel sheet and stainless steel trim like ours is difficult to make stainless steel mesh


  Because we are a factory integrated company, many finish processes can be implemented in our different workshops. Therefore, our customization capabilities are able to meet most of our customers' requirements for stainless steel sheets

  There are also many products that have received the visitor's favorite, etching, vibration, mirror..... Readers who want to know can leave a message on our website for an electronic catalogue and free samples

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