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How To Make Different Black Color Stainless Steel Sheet?


Black stainless steel sheet is a commonly used color, which is usually combined with surface processes such as mirror, hairline, satin, and sandblasting.


SUCEL has two black coating technology, one is WBC-Black series, another is PVD-Black series.


SUCEL-WBC Series, it is a stainless steel sheet infiltrated into a container containing the special liquid, and it is plated black through a chemical reaction. 

And PVD-Black Series, is a PVD process, which refers to the use of low-voltage, high-current arc discharge technology under vacuum conditions,

the use of gas discharge to evaporate the target and ionize the evaporated material and gas, and the use of an electric field. 

The acceleration causes the vaporized substances and their reaction products to be deposited on the sheet.

Compare to PVD black, WBC-Black is darker, the back side will also be black. But PVD black looks like dark grey compare to WBC-Black. And the back of PVD-black, it keeps its natural color.



As usual, the WBC-Black will add AFP coating, which can enhance corrosion resistance. 


For the maintenance of the color stainless steel sheet, Sucel suggests using soft cloth with water to wipe it, please do not use the liquid with detergent or alcohol, it will break the color coating.


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